My top 10 favorite comic book couples

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The person I reblogged this from deserves more followers

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Favourite teams: Teen Titans/FabFive

Let’s see how far we’ve come (x)

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Roy and Donna in Titans vol 2 #23)

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Team Arrow meets the Bat Family for the first time. 

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Red Fox (Closed)



He smiles hearing her say that it doesn’t matter to have super powers to be hero. But yet he was intrigued hearing of her missions of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Solo missions? Wow that’s very interesting.” He’s already imagining how hot she looks in her uniform kicking butt. “Maybe one day we should train together and show me your moves.” He smiles

Noticing her wink, Roy realizes his arm is around her. But with her getting closer to him, he smiles and lightly pulled her in as the cart moved up past halfway where they can get the full view of the city. “Wow what a view but it sure doesn’t compare to you.”

"Only if you help me get better in archery, you gotta deal," Smirking back softly, her whole posture was relaxed and practically leaned on lay on his shoulder. Being the gentleman and how forward Roy was, she figured he wouldn’t do anything to make her uncomfortable or inappropriate. 

But watching the view of the sun, blazing over the ocean, certainly was beautiful to look at. She chuckled at his compliment, even blushing pink. “I’m not that beautiful of a view, believe me.”

"Oh yeah if you’re not a beautiful view then why can’t I take my eyes off of you." Being lost in her eyes he slowly leaned in to kiss her softly in the lips. But then he realizes what he’s done. He backs off just a little and clears his throat. "I’ll teach you archery anytime. It’ll be nice for my daughter to have a classmate." He jokes.

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Favorite Friendship: Emily Bett Richards and Colton Haynes 

"Colton and I are really good friends. I get to hang out with Colton, I think, the most. Colton and I get along really well." - Emily Bett Rickards

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Finally fucking home

Welcome home.

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Oliver: When [Connor] wakes up, I want to tell him the whole truth. That I always knew he was my son.

(Green Arrow & Black Canary - 04)

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I miss youuuuu <3333
- pravxm

I miss you too <3333. I’ve been so overworked and drained mentally. I’m sorry for bailing… again

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