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There is definitely something that has to be said for me liking the action, Lara Croft type stuff. I really want to explore that side of me.
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MCU Meme: [2/5] Outfits

Lady Sif’s warrior costume

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Sif Week - Day 2: Sif’s Costumes
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fangirl challenge

female characters [6/10]: Tess Mercer (Smallville)

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Some photos of Arrow  season 3 premier “The Calm”.

In the aftermath of this victory, Season 3 opens with Arrow now a hero to the citizens of Starling. Crime is down, people feel safer, and Captain Lance even calls off the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Basking in his success, Oliver believes he can finally have a private life and asks Felicity out on a date. But the second Oliver takes his eye off the ball, a deadly villain reappears in Starling, forcing Oliver to realize that he can never be Oliver Queen — not as long as the city needs The Arrow.

Arrow third season premiers on the CW October 8. The night before, October 7, spin-off series, The Flash starring Grant Gustin has its series premier. 

I’ll have to come up with a new nickname for no longer formerly Detective Lance. 

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"I don’t want you engaging Helena.” 

                    -  ”You’re afraid of what she’ll do…or what I’ll do?”

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Birds of Prey 2.0

dedicated to killerqueennyc and Anon

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Watch the Queen Conquer  

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Secret Origins (1986-1990) #38

"All I can do is teach you what I know — to do justice… to love mercy… to walk humbly — and to shoot straight!

Ugh the corn of the shoot straight stuff.

But seriously. Roy and Lian. One of the greatest inventions of DC Comics.

Slow clap for how wondrously a company can piss the point of their own characters and remove some of the little diversity in their company line. Slow clap. Good job, DC. Way to fuck up something beautiful.

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